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Simple croissant

A timeless classic.

Radesco with raisins

Radesco with sultanas.

Butterflies with butter

Soft butterflies with a unique taste.

Wholemeal croissant

Soft croissant with wholemeal flours.

Mini croissant

A concentrate with an unmistakable flavor.

Convenience Pack

15 simple croissants individually wrapped.


A soft bundle with chocolate drops.

Mini Bundle

Mini bundle with tasty chocolate drops.

Who we are

Torrema has thirty years of experience in making handcrafted products with quality raw materials, worked with experience and dedication. From our ovens to your home in a few simple steps without losing freshness ...

Our history


History and Experience

Giuseppe Magrone, founder of Torrema, begins his story in 1970 in a big company in Rome, where hard and continuous work lead him to learning all the secrets of the confectionery industry, the secrets and importance of proofing and storing products.

Torrema is born

After 20 years of apprenticeship, the time of creating something new came and Torrema was founded: a young company with great ambitions.

Always us... but bigger

From a small confectionery shop to a big scale production lab, with our master of taste always keeping the highest quality as his goal to achive.

A practical idea!

Torrema moves out: from the historical workshop in Torre Maura to the newest current location. The growing demand for products intended for children and, at the same time, the seek for handiness by their moms lead to developing a practical solution which satisfies both criterions: this is how a croissant packed in its own food bag was created. Easy to be carried around without giving up on freshness of taste.

Torrema: Family and Ecellence

Today Torrema is an accomplished reality. Thanks to the effort of all its staff, it always deliver a product of excellence to its customers. A family of professionals moved by passion and commitment produces day by day products made ``the old way``.
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Productive process

Four simple steps to bring our authentic flavor to your table.



Our dough is made by mixing raw matierials of excellent quality, natural ingredients provided by historical suppliers in the area.



``As good as homemade`` is our main goal. The care for quality that our expert pastry chefs put into preparation is the key that makes our products as fresh as just out of the oven.



Any effort in making our products would be in vain without the help of our trusted distributors. Thanks to them we can guarantee same day delivery in a handy and practical package.



Mothers, children, students or workers: who wouldn’t want a fresh baked product in the morning? Our goal is exactly this one! The taste of every bit will tell you our story.

Find out where you can find us

Discover our distribution network.

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