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Who we are


The Excellence of Croissant

Torrema was born in 1990 from an idea of Giuseppe Magrone, yeast master who had been worked for over 20 years in the Roman confectionery industry. The expertise accumulated over time let him found his own confectionery lab and shop with the aim of reflecting families‘ taste of quality and flavor. In a very short time, croissants and other sweets sold in Giovanni Magrone’s little confectionary shop get known by everyone. This is the reason why he felt the need to transform his little shop into a big reality. In 2015, the little shop becomes a conferctionery laboratory that produces products for big-scale distribution. To the well known plain croissant, Torrema also adds on new products such as whole wheat croissant, Radesco with raisins, chocolate chips croissant and Butter butterflies.

In the transition from a small shop into a big scale production lab, Torrema still keeps few and simple rules to always guarantee the same quality as before:

  • A selection of high quality of the ingredients from local raw materials producers
  • The use of starters produced by following ancient traditional recipes
  • Freshness and Aroma of the products is guaranteed by a selected food packaging
  • Distribution by professionals who guarantee delivery of the products within 24h from production

This is thanks to the support of all the Torrema’s employees, from pastry chefs to the logistics staff, from the administration staff to the Founder Giuseppe Magrone, all of them together make up the Torrema big family!